Date webinar Speaker Industry Register Now
Oct 26, 2016 Employee Retention Interviews: A Toolkit to Improve Retention and Lower Turnover Wes Pruett Human Resource & Payroll Register Now
Oct 27, 2016 The EEOC’s Latest on Using Criminal Convictions as Disqualifiers in the Application Process Susan Fahey Desmond Human Resource & Payroll Register Now
Oct 27, 2016 Nuts and Bolts of TRACS 202D Paul Flogstad Housing Register Now
Nov 2, 2016 The ABC's of Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) Paul Flogstad Housing Register Now
Nov 8, 2016 Payroll in the complicated states of CA, PA and NY Dayna J. Reum Human Resource & Payroll Register Now
Nov 9, 2016 HUD Bed Bug Guidelines: What you need to know Paul Flogstad Housing Register Now
Nov 9, 2016 Secrets to Onboarding Millennials for Success Wes Pruett Human Resource & Payroll Register Now
Nov 15, 2016 Reasonable Accommodations for Employee Religious Beliefs: What Title VII and the Supreme Court Say Your Legal Obligations Are Melissa Fleischer, Esq Human Resource & Payroll Register Now

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An interactive training conducted over the Internet typically 60-90 minutes in duration. You can hear the session over the phone (no screen-sharing). You can ask live questions to the speaker
A PDF version of written material originally presented in the Webinar / Audio-Conference.
A printed version of written material originally presented in the Webinar / Audio-Conference.
Previously recorded Webinar replay available online to access anytime, anywhere.
Webinar recording that you can reuse as per your convenience for your personal purpose.
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What They Say About Us

  • “Highly informative. I would definitely recommend to others”
    - Carmela Schaefer
  • “Susan is a great presenter, clear, concise. Easy to listen to and stays on point and right on time.”
    - Christine Symannski
  • “The webinar was great. The speaker was excellent.”
    - Cheryl MacDonald
  • “I always enjoy Ms. Lambert's classes-she is well informed and knowledgeable.”
    - Patricia Harmon
  • “As an experienced FMLA administrator, the webinar was an excellent refresher and I appreciated hearing about the best practices. For the new FMLA administrator, this will be invaluable. The information presented was clear, in the logical order, and included the importance of getting it right!”
    - Wendie Slater
  • “I wanted to gain knowledge on what is the best tracking mechanism for FMLA. The presenter was knowledgeable on this topic. The information presented was Great.”
    - Antonette Jaramillo
  • “Very knowledgeable speaker. You will learn up to date scenarios and court cases that will impact your company in any industry.”
    - Bill Freund
  • “I truly enjoyed Mr. Murray' presentation and at times it seems as if he was that fly sitting on the wall in my office! His discussion on the different types of advising models was spot on and he helped me realize that I as a Director must identify which model best fits my office. Most importantly I did not feel that he meant in any way that a change in advising types had to be done or your office sink.”
    - Sophia Polk
  • “Relevant topic. Presenter was very knowledgeable.”
    - Fern
  • “The SkillEducators was one of the best webinars I've attended in a long time. The topic was necessary, the content was excellent and the presenter was knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you”
    - Marianne Troike
  • “I enjoy how Wes Pruitt provides practical and usable forms, questionnaires, etc. in his training programs.”
    - Barbara Jeffrey
  • “The presenter was truly excellent and clearly had a command of the subject matter. Thank you for such a useful webinar!”
    - Robin Howe

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